Entertainment is our quintessential area of expertise. Our presenters have the most hilarious ways of presenting information to the audience, without regard to the nature of information. Education, for instance, is very much tied to the buildings where we get that education from. It is our desire to promote edutainment and infotainment so that a child may learn in a playground, while listening to a rap song or while listening to radio mush as he or she learns from school.


Edutainment and infotainment is our motto. With this, we encourage research and development in any form. We do this through both our Buzz-fi project and also by promoting and sponsoring programs that are both informative and educational in nature. These programs are under developments and will be airing soon. We aim at complementing schools by taking educational materials to learners even where they are just having fun.


Our religious programs comes from the believe that there is a sovereign God above all. Mostly on Sundays we do air programs that attest to this facts. So join us on Sundays for the hottest praise and the warmest worship, starting with African artists to those from abroad. Occasionally, we have discussions or the word by our invited guests. You have no reason to mis church now as we bring church to your whereabouts.


Sport defines many aspects of our life, infects, it is recommended for every one. At Buzz-fi, we will encourage this by airing sport related shows that will cover all the major sports that we practice as a nation. This will help foster a sportsmanship attitude among the young and old alike.


We recognize the role that politics plays for the stability of any nation. We do appreciate the political environment that we operate in and as a modern broadcasting platform, we do keep our listeners informed with the latest happenings in the political arena. We will be partnering with the most reputable news organizations that will help us in reaching this goal.


Culture is the backbone of any society and it is also the very fabric that our moral is woven one. Here at Buzz-fi Radio, we are very much conscious of the effect of culture on our social lives. We promote social and culture centric shows that are both modern and yet cultural respectful. It is the upholding of culture in promoting good morals in this new age.


Our Background

Buzz-Fi Radio is a Namibia based and online exlusive radio station that is changing the culture on how information is dissipated. Acting as a platform to engage the masses, Buzz-Fi radio shows will be both pre-recorded and live, with the live shows streamed live on social media platforms. Buzz-Fi focuses on 6 main areas, namely Entertainment, Education, religion, social culture, sport and politics. Buzz-Fi operates from 6 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and Sunday, 6AM to 11:30 on Fridays and Saturday.

Buff-Fi Radio is a World Wide Web radio that is full of energy, so youthful and all inclusive. We Play local and international songs, thus bringing you closer to the stars. Buzz-fi radio offer different genres and when we are not caught up on a hot topic, we make sure your music needs are met.

With our target audience ranging from the age of 15 to 65, Buzz-Fi Radio deliver total entertainment as well as update the audience on issues that matters in Namibia, Africa and the world at large.

Our Skills

  • entertainment 95%
  • Education 90%
  • Sport 85%
  • Religion 75%
  • Social/Culture 70%
  • Politics 65%



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Hahnemann street Windhoek West, Windhoek, Namibia 081 4007168 radio@buzz-fi.com.na info@buzz-fi.com.na